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About Us

poli-max company history

Poli-Max is a Brazilian industry of surface treatment products located in the city of São Paulo. Since 1990 we produce and sell a wide range of buffing compounds, wheels, liquid polishes, abrasives and special equipment mainly for jewelery and industrial polishing.

We develop and offer high quality and cost efficient sanding, polishing and finishing supplies for almost all kind of metals, such as aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper, gold, silver, nickel, chrome and paintwork as well for plastic, polyester resin and acrylic.

Our strength is our know-how and long-time experience to develop tailor-made polishing solutions and even new products to meet exactly the particular needs of our clients. We also support our clients in optimizing polishing processes and help to save time and costs. That is why we are the preferred supplier for polishing products for some of the largest metal industries located in Brazil.

Poli-Max provides the proper polishing solution for your Business.